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2020 Thanksgiving Food Drive


On Monday 11/16, the West Morris Junior Women's Club presented Family Intervention Services with a check for $10,250 to feed local families at Thanksgiving.  With the help of the generous families of Hilltop Elementary and Mendham Township Elementary & Middle Schools, we exceeded our fundraising goal, and we were able to also donate an additional $2,100 to nourish.NJ and $2,100 to Market Street Mission to feed even more families this Thanksgiving!


Congratulations to the winning classes in the school competition:

Hilltop Elementary
1st place - Ms. Crist's 3rd grade class (Donated $1,090)
2nd place - Mrs. McGoldrick's 4th grade class (Donated $810)
3rd place - Ms. Largo/Ms. Eagan's 3rd grade class (Donated $740)

Mendham Township Elementary
1st place - Mrs. Johnson's Kindergarten class (Donated $960)
2nd place - Mr. O'Keefe's 2nd grade class (Donated $520)
3rd place - Mrs. Smyth's 4th grade class (Donated $515)

Mendham Township Middle School
1st place - Mrs. Cyr's 8th grade class (Donated $480)
2nd place - Mr. Hooker's 8th grade class (Donated $380)
3rd place - Miss Kavalos's 6th grade class (Donated $240)


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