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27th Annual Spelling Bee

On Saturday, January 21, 2023 the West Morris Junior Women’s Club (WMJWC) held their 27th Annual Spelling Bee. Over 40 local fourth and fifth grade students from Mendham and Chester schools participated in the Bee, which was held at West Morris Mendham High School. After nearly 20 rounds of spelling, the top three winners emerged:


1st Place: Matthias Lam, 4th grade, Hilltop Elementary School

2nd Place: Carolina Gavilanes, 5th grade, Mendham Township Middle School 

3rd Place: Charlotte Warburton, 5th grade, Mendham Township Middle School 

These winners will advance to represent West Morris at the District Spelling Bee of the New Jersey Federation of Women’s Clubs in Rockaway, NJ on February 11th. We are so very proud of these accomplished spellers and wish them the best of luck at the District Bee!


The WMJWC 27th Annual Spelling Bee was a success due to the many people involved who gave their time and effort not just on the day of the event, but also in preparation over the past several months. Thank you to the local school staff and teachers who assisted in preparing their students for the Bee and also the Audio/Visual crew, Facilities team, and custodians at West Morris Mendham High School who helped with setup. And a huge thank you to the ladies who volunteered as members of the WMJWC Spelling Bee Committee: Danielle Ingram (co-chair), Diana Abramson (co-chair), Amy Dow, Kristen Schutzman, Amanda Valenta, Ariana Bath, Kyleigh Von Dohlen, and Lauren Martin (WMJWC President).

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