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CONGRATULATIONS to our 2021 Halloween Poster Contest Winners!

Hilltop Elementary


1st - Sloan F.

2nd - Patrick L.

First Grade

1st - Madison P.

2nd - Olivia T.

3rd - Zack S.

Second Grade

1st - Soren A.

2nd - Alonso G.

3rd - Parker R.

Third Grade

1st - Sunny D.

2nd - Declan S.

3rd - Emily M.

Fourth Grade

1st - Joy B.

2nd - Avery S.

3rd - Stella T.




1st - Nicholas M.

2nd - Molly M.

3rd - Drew B.

First Grade

1st - Josephine K.

2nd - Lily P.

3rd - Prisha J.

Second Grade

1st - Cullen W.

2nd - Caroline B.

3rd - Ava D.

Third Grade

1st - Ryan L.

2nd - Riley V.

Fourth Grade

1st - Natalie W.

2nd - Christian M.

3rd - Robert G.

Dickerson School


1st - Carmelina C.

2nd - Samantha S.

3rd - Aiden V.

First Grade

1st - Shaan P.

2nd - Ava C.

3rd - Emily K.

Second Grade

1st - Thaddeus V.

2nd - Charlotte M.

3rd - Ian T.


Bragg School

Third Grade

1st - Alina V.

2nd - Christopher C.

3rd - Luke V.

Fourth Grade

1st - Brayden S.

2nd - Mikel S.

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