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WMJWC Announces the 2013 Halloween Poster Contest Winners!


Congrats to all our little ghosts in goblins in Mendham who took home prizes in this year's West Morris Junior Woman's Club Halloween Poster Contest! The Club would like to thank Hilltop School, Mendham Township Elementary School and St. Joseph's School for your participation once again this year for this fun and festive Mendham tradition! The winning posters will be on display at King's throughout this week so make sure to stop by and check them out! Have a wonderful and safe Halloween everyone!



Hilltop School                                St. Joseph's School                               Mendham Township Elementary


Kindergarten                              Kindergarten                                     Kindergarten

1st: Catherine Rice                      1st:  Claire Imossi                             1st: Garrett Lonergan

2nd: Kevin Stroup                                                                             2nd: Natalia Zurbarian

3rd: Sophia Appelbaum                First Grade: 

                                               1st:  Nicholas Gamba                         First Grade:

First Grade:                                                                                     1st: Ryan Smith

1st: Kristin Ackerman                   Second Grade:                                  2nd:  Kyra Harris

2nd:  Alex Pyznar                        1st:  Genevieve Lagana                       3rd: Olivia Ozcan

3rd: Max Dellaratta

                                               Third Grade:                                     Second Grade:

 Second Grade:                           1st:  Madeline Buynak                        1st Veronica Szewezyr

 No Entries                                 2nd:  Jace Rea                                 2nd Hudson Lee

                                               3rd:  Nicholas Fastov                          3rd Ally Smith

 Third Grade:

 1st: Nuch Sholte                         Fourth Grade:                                  Third Grade:

 2nd: Lily Wagoner                       1st.  Ursula Lagana                           1st: Adalia Ozcan

 3rd: Josh Pini                             2nd: Marisa Snee                              2nd: Amelia Smith

                                                3rd:  Brendan Reinhardt                     3rd: Erin Lonergan

 Fourth Grade:
 1st: Mylee Anderson                                                                         Fourth Grade:

 2nd:  Connor Viola                                                                            1st: Josie Harris

 3rd:  Tyler Stroup                                                                             2nd:  Alexandra Accardo

                                                                                                     3rd:  Lindsay Lee






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