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The West Morris Junior Woman’s Club is a community-based volunteer organization of women from the West Morris community.


We host fundraisers, events, and social functions throughout the year -it's a great way to meet new friends and contribute to worthy causes!

If you are ready to be part of a fun group of women working together for the benefit of others - join us today!



We'd love to hear your ideas for how West Morris Juniors can help the community! 


If you have an organization that would like to partner with us, or events you would like us to consider supporting, please contact us with the details for review.  

You can learn about organizations we support and our previous philanthropic efforts here.  



Sponsoring West Morris Juniors is a wonderful way for your business to contribute to the great work we do in the community!


You can learn more about sponsorship opportunities here or click the link below to contact us for more information -we look forward to working with you and appreciate your support!   

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